Educational, Interactive, Entertainment on the East Coast

Adventure Bound is designed to promote education and show children that learning is fun.  Our School Shows, Workshops, Assemblies, and Recreation programs for elementary and middle schools will engage, entertain, and excite the students, teachers and families.  Our educational programs are designed to complement your school’s curriculum and learning objectives.
100% Participation, customized educational programs
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Our Programs

Gameshow Challenge

This is a NUTTY Game Show for schools, family events, PTA, community programs, etc.

Student Fun Day / Family Fun Day

This program is designed for school celebrations. This will be the highlight of your student’s school year.

Dancing for Fitness and FUN!

This is our creative way of bringing a physical education program that students will love.  


Our carnival program includes an inflatable bounce house and obstacle course plus games.

Our Goal

To provide programs and school assemblies designed to be positive, rewarding and entertaining that motivate, excite and inspire.

Adventure Bound was founded in 2007 by four friends that worked together to provide school programs in Connecticut. It all started with our Interactive Game Show Challenge, but we now provide a multitude of experiences for our now larger demographic. We travel around the east coast, with one mission: providing fun, educational, interactive entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.